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Apollo Nox is one of the leaders of the Magicites and is one of the main antagonists of the Miscrits series. He resides in the Nox Domain inside the volcano and he syphons magic from miscrits to use for himself. He is responsible for creating and controlling the elementums that wreak havoc on Miscria. He believes that he shares a lot in common with you (The Player) and also believes that the player is going to destroy Miscria when it is clear that Apollo is doing that. He is an arrogant, greedy, vain, cruel, selfish, delusional, insane, manipulative, and destructive. He dies when the player collects all six essences and defeats him in a grueling three round fight against him in the Nox Domain but one of the scholar shows up and tells you that someone else, not Apollo Nox was behind the magic draining from miscrits scheme.


All the Magicites of Full Miscria.

Nox Skillset

First Evolution:

Fetid Fog - Damage over time [99 Rounds]

Debilate - Lowers Defense by 11.

Tremors - Earth Type Damage over time [3 Rounds]

Fury - Increases Nox's Physical Attack by 13.

Tsunami - Water Attack.

Dark Barbarity - Physical Attack.

Second Evolution:

Mend - Heals Nox [99 Turns]

Strikes - Lightning Type Damage over time [6 Rounds]

Entrap - A Physical Attack that hits until it misses.

Third Evolution: Sweeping Flames - Fire Type Damage over time [3 Rounds]

Crushing Blow - A Physical Attack.

ENRAGE - Increases Nox's Stats By 100

Dialogues of Nox

​"Its a Shame that I am asking you to Join us."      - Apollo Nox                 
"Did you really think there was anywhere I couldn't find you? I could defeat you whenever I'd like. This is just a game for me"              - Apollo Nox

Strategies to Defeat Nox

Nox defeated

Requirement(s): Furfin, Massive Heal, Epic Heal (If Required), Negate Element.

Nox Can Easily Be Defeated Using Furfin, Once Furfins Turn Comes, Start with using Negate Element (Note: Negate Element Can Be Purchased only From The Sunfall Kindoms Items and Relics Shop). Then Use Unbreakable (Enchanted Unbreakable would be Better) Until Health comes in the Red zone. Then Use Enchanted Bask and Keeping doing this Process repeatedly until Nox's Attacks Deal Single-Digit Damage. Then Attack Using Enchanted Natures Poison and Enchanted Toxic followed by Smiley Slam.

Note: If you want to Defeat Nox Using Lavarilla, you need alot of luck.

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