Type: Nature
Found in: Miscrit Shop
Rarity: Exclusive

Based on: Lion


Evolution 1: Blighted Cubsprout

Description: "Instead of having simply a spunky attitude like its counterparts, Blighted Cubsprout has a bleak, morbid and desperate view of Miscria."

Evolution 2: Blighted Dandylion

Description: "Blighted Dandylion uses its lightning fast speed to get away after it brutally attacks friendly Miscrits in cold blood."

Evolution 3: Blighted Pawthorne

Description: "Blighted Pawthorne's patience is no longer unparalleled, instead it has become an edgy and jumpy creature."

Evolution 4: Blighted Bloomane

Description: "After being infected and covered in plague, Blighted Bloomane has devolved into hunting and destroying anything it can find."


Health - Elite

Elemental Attack - Strong

Elemental Defense - Strong

Physical Attack - Elite

Physical Defense - Strong

Speed - Elite


Lv1- Weaken

Lv1- Vines

Lv4- Swipe

Lv7- Shields Up

Lv10- Blighted Gash

Lv13- Merciless

Lv16- Sow

Lv19- Claw

Lv22- Unbreakable

Lv25- Gilly Weed (Negate)

Lv28- Blighted Ferocity (PA, 36 AP, 100% Accuracy)

Lv30- Blighted Leaves (EA, 47 AP, 100% Accuracy and can be used ONLY ONCE per battle)

Lv35- Nature's Salve (Heals +80 if enchanted, 50% acc, can be used only once)


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Blighted Cubsprout
Blighted Dandylion
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Blighted Pawthorne
Blighted Bloomane

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