If you want to help fix up these pages, please start in the Critical subcategory.  No need to bother with the Code Fail category, that's mostly for me.  If you are putting pages into categories to be reviewed, please read the category descriptions below first.

Please don't put pages directly into this category.  Use the subcategories instead.  You can put them into more than one subcategory if they apply.

Code Fail: Mainly for miscolored headings, odd text color/font, and anything that is being weird for no apparent reason.  Please use this category sparingly because I will go through each of these individually for coding errors, which takes a lot of time.  Writing an editing note explaining what's wrong would also be a big help.

Critical:  This is for pages that are in dire need of help.  If you are editing these pages, start here.  For people marking this category, use your best judgement; if all that it's missing is a couple pictures, it obviously doesn't belong here.  If it's illegible, it probably does.  If you aren't sure, check the pages that are already in the category for guidance.

Empty:  For pages that have only the basic template of a crit page or have only a few lines filled out.  This category is mainly concerned with descriptions, evolution names, and stats.  If it has all of those semi-correct, it doesn't belong here.  If it is partially filled out in those areas, use your best judgement.

Pictures: Missing or incorrect pictures.  NOT PICTURE HEADINGS.  All miscolored headings go in Code Fail.  If the picture table itself is being weird and you can't figure out how to fix it, that also goes in Code Fail.  If the picture box is missing entirely, it goes in this category.

Skill Table: Similar to Pictures.  Pages that are missing some skills or the entire skill table go in here.  If the top headings are not black with white words (Elements should be gray) and the side column is not green with white words, it goes in Code Fail.  Tables that are missing cells or just acting weird also go in Code Fail.

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