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Type: Nature

Found In: The Volcano

Based on: Sloth

Normal Counterpart: Drowsie



Evolution 1: Dark Drowsie

Description: "Dark Drowsie can spend whole days just sitting in one spot, eyes turned skyward, cursing the fates for its sad existence."

Evolution 2: Dark Flippid

Description: "Dark Flippid gave up all hopes of a rescue from the Volcano long ago, having been forgotten by so many adventurers. Now it waits for an opportunity to strike from above."

Evolution 3: Dark Loomon

Description: "Dark Loomon almost never sleeps. It attacks anything that comes near it in an insomnia-fueled rage."

Evolution 4: Dark Slothera

Description:  "Dark Slothera hates everything. A lifetime of imprisonment on The Volcano has turned it into a bitter, self-abusing, monster."


Health - Elite

Elemental Attack - Moderate

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Elite

Physical Defense - Max

Speed - Weak

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Debaser -- 100% Enemy Physical & Elemental Defense -5 Physical 1
Wisp 7 100% Enemy Damage Nature 1
Swipe 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Shields Up -- 100% Self Physical & Elemental Defense +5 7
Dark Lazy Leaves 11 95% Enemy Damage Nature 10
Tickle -- 95% Enemy Physical & Elemental Attack -8 Physical 13
Claw 15 90% Enemy Damage Physical 16
Witching Walls -- 100% Self Elemental Defense +10 Physical 19
Lotus 20 90% Enemy Damage Nature 22
Hyper Power -- 100% Self Physical & Elemental Attack +11 Physical 25
Venom 14 80% Enemy Poison  (3 turns) Psychic 28
Dark Slow poseecer 27 90% Enemy  i cant posesed to enemy Damage 3 turns Physical 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Dark Drowsie
Dark Flippid
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Dark Loomon
Dark Slothera

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