Dark Salamindra

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Type: Wind

Found in: Ice Tower (2nd floor) ,volcano,the shack

Based on: Water Horse,salamander flying

Normal Counterpart: Salamindra

Rarity: Rare


Evolution 1: Dark Salamindra

Description: "Dark Salamindra chooses to neglect its own well-being in order to pursue and attack its prey. It has to replace its damaged wings at an alarming rate."

Evolution 2: Dark Thorix

Description: "The snakelike wiggle of Dark Thorix's body in the air is so distinctive, other Miscrits run and hide whenever they spot its movement in the skies."

Evolution 3: Dark Hemiptro

Description: "The laugh of a Dark Hemiptro has been known to cause ruptured eardrums and mild brain damage. It is strongly advised to keep a safe distance."

Evolution 4: Dark Caudata

Description:  "Dark Caudata is the terror of the skies. Whole airships have been lost as a result of Dark Caudata hijackings."


Health - Max

Elemental Attack - Elite

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Weak

Physical Defense - Strong

Speed - Strong

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Blow 7 100% Enemy Damage Wind 1
Shy Smile -- 95% Enemy Physical & Elemental Defense -5 Physical 1
Poke 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Shields Up -- 100% Self Physical and Elemental Defense +5 Physical 7
Dark sky strike 11 95% Enemy Damage Wind 10
Whammy 10 95% Enemy Damage Physical 13
Summons -- 100% Self Elemental Attack +10 Physical 16
Gale 15 90% Enemy Damage Wind 19
Thump 20 90% Enemy Damage Physical 22
Confuse -- 50% Enemy Confuse (2 turns) Physical 25
Sludge -- 95% Enemy Physical and Elemental Defense -11 Physical 28
Dark Rapid Puffs 4 x 8 100% Enemy Damage (up to 8 times) Wind 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Dark Salamindra
Dark Thorix
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Dark Hemiptro1
Dark Caudata

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