By: Jason Moore

Dec 28 Update!

Well, good news and bad news to all the wonderful Miscrit players!

The bad news is that the next big update will not be coming out today as initially planned. We need a few more hours to test it and it will launch tomorrow morning.

That good news is that it will bring with it many extra upgrades that I know you have all been waiting for.

Here is a small list of features rolling out (hopefully) in the morning tomorrow:

  • Renaming your Miscrits!
  • Releasing your Miscrits back into the wild for 50% of the Training Points you spent on them.
  • The Gift Shop!!!
  • A new effect for capturing Miscrits that will make a lot of sense and has been our initial plan.
  • Game speed improvements.

Many other little things will be included in tomorrow's release. Also of note, we believe we have fixed many of the "black screen" problems (although that will roll out tomorrow as well). In addition, the fights and more specifically the Battle Arena will have a new patch rolling out the middle of next week to help many of the battle bugs.

Miscrits: World of Adventure has only been up for ONE WEEK and we already have over 250,000 awesome players. We have experienced some growing pains, but thank you all for your patience while we continue to make Miscrits: World of Adventure the best game on Facebook!