By: Jason Moore

Dec 29 Update!

Big update today and lots of new things in the game. Here's a small list of some of the changes:

  • Tulipinny is our newest Miscrit to be found in the Miscrian Forest!
  • Get more information on all your Miscrits in your Miscrit Lore Book.
  • Rename your Miscrits even after you've caught them.
  • Release unwanted Miscrits back into the wild and get half of your Training Points back.

There are many, many more updates in this rollout. Feats, capture effects, and dozens of little improvements are in the game now.

Today's update focused mostly on new features, not on bug fixes. Many bug fixes are coming soon. The middle of next week should have a LOT of Battle Arena improvements.

Miscrits: World of Adventure, is a brand new game on Facebook. We appreciate your patience as we make hundreds of improvements. As always, please tell your friends and family about our great game. I'll see you all in Miscria!