Type: Wind
Found in: Monk's Mountain
Based on: Wind Dragon
'Rarity: 'Common


Evolution 1: Dravo

Description: "Even though Dravo's tongue is simply made of air, it possesses amazing strength. It can also be extended to incredible lengths."

Evolution 2: Aviagon

Description: "Aviagon cannot fly, it can only glide. It can, however, glide such incredible lengths that it isn't at much of a disadvantage."

Evolution 3: Avialae

Description: "Avialae generates wind power by spinning its tail wildly above its head. It continues whipping its tail around until it creates a cyclone."

Evolution 4: Dracotiel

Description:  "The feathers on Dracotiel's body are razor sharp. They act as an extra line of defense when it's battling."



Health- Strong

Elemental Attack - Strong

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Weak

Physical Defense - Moderate

Speed - Strong

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Blow 7 100% Foe Damage Wind 1
Shy Smile - 95% Foe Debuff Normal 1
Swipe 7 100% Foe Damage Psychical 4
Shields Up - 100% Self Buff Normal 7
Tongue Tornado 10 95% Foe Damage Wind 10
Feebler - 100% Foe Debuff Normal 13
Claw 15 90% Foe Damage Psychical 16
Gale 15 90% Foe Damage Wind 19
Confuse - 50% Foe Confuse Magical 22
Thump 20 90% Foe Damage Psychical 25
Hyper Power - 100% Self Buff Normal 28
Winged Fury 25 90% Foe Damage Wind 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2

Dravo back

Evolution 3 Evolution 4




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