Type: Nature
Found in: volcano
Based on: monkey
'Rarity: 'Common


Evolution 1: Drowsie

Description: "Drowsie doesn't like to walk for long periods of time. It will sometimes just sit on the ground with its arms outstretched, gazing up adoringly, in hopes someone will carry it."

Evolution 2: Flippid

Description: "Flippid hangs upside down over frequently traveled paths, ruffling the hair of passing adventurers in hopes they'll capture it and take it away from the Volcano."

Evolution 3: Loomoon

Description: "Loomoon sleeps for nearly the entirety of its days. It spends the few moments each hour that it's awake plotting an escape."

Evolution 4: Slothera

Description:  "Slothera hates the Volcano. It longs for a life in the Jungle, lazily, happily climbing from tree to tree."


Health - Strong

Elemental Attack - Moderate

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Elite

Physical Defense - Strong

Speed - Moderate

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Debaser - 100% Foe -5 ED & PD Physical 1
Wisp 7 100% Foe Damage Nature 1
Swipe 7 100% Foe Damage Physical 4
Shields Up - 100% Self +5 ED & PD Physical 7
Lazy Leaves 10 95% Foe Damage Nature 10


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Evo 1 (1)
Evo 1 (12) 12
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Miscrit 05
Miscrit 06

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