Earth Elementum face

Earth Elementum


Found in: Mount Gemma,on the top of volcano.



Sinkhole-25% accuracy but its damage is 1000, a fatal move.

Gem strike-a massively powerful earth attack with 90% accuracy which deals 25 damage(usually higher).

Rock smash-similar to gem strike except it is a physical move.

Sacred stones-raises the earth elememtum's defense.


Health- 400+

EA- Strong

ED- Max

PA- Max

PD- Moderate

Speed- Max

Strategy Bring WIND as it cannot remove the weakness. Lower its attacks till you can't low further. Then increase your defence till 10. It will start doing no effect on you. Then lower its dfence until it can't lower further and if it does its Sinkhole on you and unluckly it hits you then no problem. You can destroy it even by a level 1 miscrit. Do smack or any thing else, it will be completly destroyed and You win.