Type: Wind

basado en :eclipse,ninja

s e encuentra en: Tienda Miscrit, Paquete Miscrit, arena torneo (diciembre asta 2014

,eclipseRarity: premium


1. Elipso 

Description: Very little is Known acerca Eclipso. It hides in the darkness, never makes a sound, and is unknown to most of it Miscria.

Eclipso back

2. Calig

Description: Calig is adept at moving without being seen. Using enveloped blades and powerful attacks, some say they can win an arena battle all by themselves

Calig back

3. Cimmerian

Description: Cimmerian sits upon the wind and moves with magical prowess towards it's foes. It prefers the dark of night

Cimmerian back

4. Tenebros

Description:Tenebros is a disciplined and shady fighter. They say any Miscrit who has turned their back on a Tenebros has lost in battle.

Tenebros back


Healt - Moderate

Element Attack - Strong

Element Deffence - Moderate

Ataque Físico - ELITE

Defensa Física - Moderado

Speed - Max 

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