This shows you the elements and their weakness.
Water Fire Nature Wind Earth Lightning

Element Weakness
Icon-Lightning Icon-Earth
Icon-Earth Icon-Wind
Icon-Wind Icon-Lightning
Icon-Fire Icon-Water
Icon-Water Icon-Nature
Icon-Nature Icon-Fire

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  • new miscrits

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    • mscrits with ne attacks
    • yes there are miscrits with new atacks. I went to west aerobia and caught many miscrits and made it to the second evolution and the third. ev...
  • exactly where and when to look for mun kee

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    • i have looked in thegolden gem at the top of skyline peak and did not find mun kee
    • yes that is because mun kee is only found sometimes. You can ask the gemma explorer but only sometimes you can find mun kee in the gold gem

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