Skill Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Spark of Invigoration 75 50% self Restores 75 health ( 1 time use) Lightning 35
Light Swat 40 95% Enemy Damge Physical
Outburst 50 95% Enemy Damage (1 time use) Lightning
Toxicshock 14 95% Enemy Poison foe for 3 rounds Physical
Steadied --- 95% self Raises physical defence by 16 Physical
Scaleblast 22 95% Enemy Damage Physical
Sleepy Shock 20 90% Enemy Damage and a chance of sleep lightning
Feebler --- 100% Enemy Lowers your foe's physical and elemental defense by 8 Physical
Hot Stuff 12 95% Enemy Damage Lightning
Disturb --- 95% Enemy lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense Physical
Tear 8 100% Enemy Damge Physical
Jolt 8 100% Enemy Damage lightning
Rise up --- 100% Self raises your Physical and Elemental attack by 6 Physical

Elite Sparkupine is a lightning miscrit.

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