Type: Nature/Earth
Found in: Links and Miscrit Shop
Based on: Elk
Rarity: Rare


Evolution 1: Elkenhoof

Description: Elkenhoof spends hours every day practicing its pouncing skills, But its lack of speed doesnt help things

Evolution 2: Elchor

Description: Elchor is connected to ever part of the earth,from towering mountains to the smallest weeds

Evolution 3: Chanelgr

Description: Chanelgr wields its many stone spikes with ruthless accuracy, and almost always spikes perfectly on target

Evolution 4: Stagermeister

Description: Stagermeiser is as smart and cunning as it is strong,which makes it a terriffying adversary for anyone


Health - Moderate

Elemental Attack - Strong

Elemental Defense - Elite

Physical Attack - Elite

Physical Defense - Strong

Speed - Weak

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Leaves 7 100% Foe Damage Nature 1
Crumble 7 100% Foe Damage Earth 1
Hit 7 100% Foe Damage Physical 4
Power Up - 100% Self Buff Physical 7
Stony Slam 10 95% Foe Damage Earth 10
Tangle 10 95% Foe Damage Nature 13
Sprint - 100% Self Buff Physical 16
Bash 15 90% Foe Damage Physical 19
Mother Nature 20 90% Foe Damage Nature 22
Boulder Barrage 13X4 85% Foe DOT Earth 25
Unbreakable - 95% Self Buff Physical 28
Power Of Gaia 3x10 100% Foe Muti Damage Physical 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Elchor back


Evolution 3 Evolution 4


Stagermeister back


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