By: David C Grossman

Feb 3rd - Announcements

Hey guys. I'm rolling out some features today FOR SURE!
First comes the matchmaker changes. I will try my best to match you with the closest skilled person I can. We may be tweaking this, but I'm hoping it gives you a better playing experience.

Features being worked on

  • Changes to the award system to reward different stuff at 5, 10, 15, AND 20 wins in a row. (possibly coming out next week)
  • Changes to magical attacks! We want them to be powerful, yet not change the game.
  • Improvements to the randomness of attacks and stuff. This should put Griffon to ease concerning sleep or confuse hitting or missing 3 times in a row :P. This change rolls out in the morning.

Features already rolled out today

  • A better matchmaking system which should put players of comparable skill against each other if possible.
  • Faster matchmaking!
  • New fight servers! In preparation for the above changes. Those are coming soon.
  • Time limit on players joining a game. Nobody will be charged a loss if both players don't fully connect
  • A way to cancel the game before both players are ready. Nobody will be charged a loss.
  • A new PVP loading screen!!!! You will be able to see both your's and your opponents progress loading. This screen will have a cancel button so if you are tired of waiting you can leave. There will be no way to cancel once both players have said they are ready. At that point jeopardy is attached since you have seen your opponents build.
  • Faster loading into battles!!!! People on dialup or slower connections will most certainly notice the difference. If you are on a cable connection or DSL this most likely won't be noticeable.