By: Corey Nolan

Feb 21st - Announcements

Happy Monday! And to all our US-based players, happy President's day!

Features being worked on

  • Mount.... Kilimanjaro! Naaah, just kidding, it's all about Gemma like usual today. We've started testing out the Gemma Miscrits (don't worry, Miscrit testing is nothing like animal testing.)
  • Some additional options are coming out soon for your avatar! We're adding some more customizability to your looks (did you know you can change them at any time? Just go to your house and click on the mirror!)

Features already rolled out today

  • New battle arena streaks and prizes! The prizes are now as follows:
    • 3 wins: Epic Heal!
    • 5 wins: Negate Element!
    • 8 wins: Pack of 3 Nature's Cry!
    • 10 wins: The one, the only.. BLAZEBIT!
  • The item chest reward is now a WEEVERN!If cute, cuddly, destructive dragons are your thing then gift away!

Finally, for those of you in Europe who were experiencing issues with Facebook pop-ups (mostly during the credit transactions, I think), this should be fixed! Please let us know on our bugs board: if you're still having problems