By: Corey Nolan

Feb 22nd - Announcements

So as you guys may have noticed, a number of things changed today! I'll list them all in today's features, don't worry:

Features being worked on

  • This goes without saying, but it's another day of getting even closer to Gemma! Things are looking really good so far.

Features rolled out today

  • Battle Arena Restraints: We are trying to keep vets and pros from being able to "grief" the newcomers by playing at low levels. From now on, the level of Miscrits you can use is determined by your player level. If it's....
    • Player level 25+: You must have at least one Miscrit in your fighting team that's level 10+.
    • Player level 20+: You must have at least one Miscrit in your fighting team that's level 7+.
    • Otherwise, if your level is less than that, you must have at least one Miscrit in your fighting team that's level 5+. (Business as usual.)
  • Your Facebook credits are now visible in the game! When you go to make any Facebook credits purchase, it will show you how many credits you have and what your balance will be after the purchase.
  • We also added a new Facebook credit purchasing system into the game! Instead of having to go through a Facebook pop-up every time (which can be slow and buggy sometimes), you can now purchase these items directly through the game! As long as you have enough purchased Facebook credits, that is. This should make the buying process smoother and more responsive, especially for things like ability slots and heals.
  • The Gem Shop sales have changed again: Flowerpiller is now 50% off, and Tulipinny's in there as well!

Of course, a lot of changes means lots of feedback, so I'd like to keep the discussion in this topic on the things I just posted. So please, anyone who wants to make friends, you can post on our "Need Friends?" board: And similarly, anyone with bugs or pressing issues not related to our updates, please post it to the Bugs and Problems board: This keeps the announcements from getting overrun with unrelated posts. Thanks!

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