FANDOM By: Corey Nolan

Feb 25th - Announcements

TGIF! We have some good, rather subtle news for today

Features being worked on

  • Gemma is coming soon! Construction is happening all over the mountain and it's looking GOOD.
  • Our Miscrit scientists have genetically engineered a new breed of Lunas! This new breed is a little bit stronger, and has some significant stat increases. The bad news is, this won't apply to the Lunas you've already won and trained. Sorry, we know it's a bummer for those of you who own a Luna, but this will help make the game better and more balanced in the long run! We really appreciate your understanding on this one

Features rolled out today

  • We've adjusted how Miscrits level behind the scenes. This won't be something you'll actively notice, necessarily, but it should result in a more balanced game on the whole.

Finally, I just wanted to say that despite not always responding to it, we all really appreciate those of you who take the time to mention how much you like the game and our work on it. It's great to hear, and we're so happy you guys are in our game and enjoying it as much as we are. Miscrits players are the best! <3

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