Having trouble finding Miscrits? Here is a place that people can post where to find those troublesome Miscrits.

A good rule to follow is to pay attention to the environment. Hydroseals, a water creature, is most likely found near/in the water. Same with Shelbees, Waddles, & other water creatures. Tulipinny's are found in the magic flower (probably cause it looks so much like a flower), same with the Dark Flowerpillar. And so forth & so on. Of course these creatures don't always follow this rule. They are crafty like that. ;)


One of the places Nessy can be found.

I've found Nessy often in that rock I'm standing next to in the photo. The rock is in the same zone as the Magic Flower.

Tulipinny can be found in the Magic Flower. It's in the magic flower zone of the Miscarian Forest.

Please feel free to add to this page! Thanks for your help & I hope this page helps ya out!

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