Type: Water
Found in: Sunfall Pack
Based on: 
Rarity: Exotic


Evolution 1:Foil Liquifien

Description: "Foil Liquifien believed its glimmering exterior would help it to finally be a part of the Temple, but the guard still rejected it."

Evolution 2: Foil Basilien

Description: "Foil Basilien spends most of its day sulking, because it simply wants to be hidden and its shimmering body makes that nearly impossible."

Evolution 3: Foil Velocitas

Description: "Foil Velocitas leaves a trail of sparkling dust behind as it zips quickly, and that's the only way to track one down."

Evolution 4: Foil Invatorres

Description:  "Foil Invatorres is said to sparkle more than any other Foil Miscrit because of the reaction between the minerals in its exoskeleton and the Foil."


Health - 4/5

Elemental Attack - 5/5

Elemental Defense - 3/5

Physical Attack - 3/5

Physical Defense - 3/5

Speed - 5/5

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Sprinkle 7 100 Simple Elemental Attack Water 1
Debaser 100 Lowers the foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 5 1
Slap 7 100 Simple Physical Attack Physical 4
Fetal Position 95 Lowers the foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 5 7
Foil Stare 12 95 Better than average Elemental Attack Water 10
Mericless 100 Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 8 13
Toxic 10 85 Poisons for 3 turns Status 16
Mush 15 90 Powerful Physical Attack Physical 19
Geyser 20 90 Very powerful Elemental Attack Water 22
Reinforce 100 Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 11 25
Destruct 25 90 Massively powerful Physical Attack Physical 28

Foil Splash

28 90 More than massively powerful Elemental Attack Water



85 Reduces foe's Elemental or Physical Defense by 30 chosen at random (1 use)


Soothing Bubbles

50 50% chance to restore 75 health (1 use)




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