Type: Water
Found in: Miscrit Packs, Miscrit Shop, Daily Spin
Based on: Duck
Rarity: Foil


Evolution 1:Foil Waddles

Description: "Miscrian children try to throw hoops around Foil Waddles when it are found in groups of regular Waddles. The prize usually is an angry Foil Waddles."

Evolution 2: Foil Shucky

Description: "Many Miscrian myths have been told about a shark made of solid gold. Foil Shucky's fin is believed to be the source of these stories."

Evolution 3: Foil Fintaur

Description: "Foil Fintaur likes to lay on the edge of ponds and lakes, shining in the sun. When anything approaches it quickly escapes to the water."

Evolution 4: Foil Mallardon

Description:  "People can't help but hug a Foil Mallardon. It sometimes sends people to the hospital though when it hugs back."


Health - Strong

Elemental Attack - Elite

Elemental Defense - Strong

Physical Attack - Moderate

Physical Defense - Strong 

Speed - Moderate

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Sprinkle 7 100% Enemy Damage Water 1
Power Up -- 100% Self Buff -- 1
Smack 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4


-- 50% Enemy Debuff -- 7
Foil Fin Slosh 12 95% Enemy Damage Water 10
Whammy 10 95% Enemy Damage Physical 13
Tickle  -- 95% Enemy Debuff -- 16
H2O 15 90% Enemy Damage Water 19
Sleep -- 50% Enemy Debuff -- 22
Overwhelm 20 90% Enemy Damage Physical 25
Debilate -- 95% Enemy Debuff -- 28
Foil Quack Attack 28 90% Enemy Damage Water 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Foil Waddles e1
Foil Waddles e2
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Foil Fintaur (1)
Foil mallardon back

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