Type: Lightning

Found in: Shack

Based on: Death



Evolution 1: Grimm Kiloray

Description: The jolt of Grimm Kiloray's lightning scythe is nearly enough to shock anyone straight into the afterlife.

Evolution 2: Grimm Electroflyte

Description: Grimm Electroflyte can move at incredible speeds through the water... So fast, it's nearly impssible to escape.

Evolution 3: Grimm Luminaire

Description: Grimm Luminaire's body crackles and sparks more and more as it gets closer to its chosen prey for the night.

Evolution 4: Grimm Edison Ray

Description: Grimm Edison Ray's schyte is so large that it cannot depend on the element of surprise, because it can be seen quite far away.


Health - Max

Elemental Attack - Elite

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Strong

Physical Defense - Strong

Speed -Moderate

Known Skills


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