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Healing is a special ability that all Miscrits unlock at level 35, but some miscrits can gain the ability to heal earlier than others. Furthermore all current Light Miscrits have a 5-turn, Heal over Time ability which is unlocked at Level 33.

Level 35

All Miscrits unlock a one-time-use ability when they reach level 35, which gives them a 50% chance to replenish 75 health.

Refreshing Blaze

Makes a spinning fire animation that heals current miscrit. It is very similar to the attack Passion and Twisted Fire

Soothing Bubles

Creates a puddle then releases multiple bubbles that replenishes the health of current miscrit. Its animation is the same as Bubble Trouble.

Nature's Salve

Wraps multiple vines around miscrit then restores health. It shares the same animation as Tangle

Earthen Resolve

Produces rapid moving clouds and sliding sand into miscrit. It is very similar to Pain Waft and Ancient Sands.

Mending Gust

Originally called Gust of Mending, spins a stream of wind around miscrit then restores back health. It is very similar to Wisper's Coma Blast.

Renewed Spark

Formerly called Spark of Invorgation then renamed to Invorgation Spark then finally renamed to Renewed Spark, it spins electric orbs and bolts of lightning around the miscrit. It uses some animation from Scintillion's Electric Riot. It also makes the miscrit glow "blue" as if he was buffing his Physical Attack or Deffense.

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