By: Jason Moore, March, 3 2011

Hello All!

I just wanted to pop on and give our amazing community a heads up as to what all is going on. Things are absolutely crazy around here!

Currently about half our team (and all of our community team) is across the country attending the Game Developers Conference, so this week will be quiet on communication.

That being said, this week is very much NOT quite on development behind the scenes. More and more is getting added and we are getting closer to a MASSIVE update. I know everyone is excited for the rollouts and we are working hard on them.

Again, no timetables are being given but Mount Gemma, the Gamebar, speed improvements, new Miscrits, the first Elementum, the site and much more are being constructed. It's might "seem" like no updates are coming, but the truth is this is no small update. Bare with us because this update will come with weeks worth of hardcore adventure.

We really do have the best game players on the internet! Keep the Miscrits community alive and pumping!

Jason Moore

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