By: David C Grossman

Jan 6th - Announcements

Already rolled out

  • Poison is now more effective
  • Devil's snare has been changed to a 100% chance at 5 dmg, then rolls for a 50% chance at sleep. This should prevent chaining the ability over and over for the entire match.
  • Blazebit will now start with standard stats then roll randomly as you level. This could take about 12 hours to roll to the servers due to caching.

Bug Fixes

  • Players who were 'stuck' at crazy places has been fixed
  • The ability Ink Splat was causing many battles to not load. This has been fixed.

Features being worked on

  • The Miscripedia
  • Fleeing from battle
  • Tutorial tips
  • Being able to use Facebook Credits to capture during battle if you are out of captures
  • Blazebit will no longer break arena fights
  • In arena fights, 2 miscrits with even speed stats will roll once for who goes first and not every round. This should clear up some of the confusion concerning how players were getting multiple turns in a row.
  • Long arena fights will no longer be killed if players are still playing
  • A player who misses 2 turns in a row in an arena fight will forfeit the fight