By: David C Grossman

Jan 11th - Announcements

Features being worked on

  • Coding items achievements
  • Changing the way you get XP in the battle arena when you go in with a lower level team
  • All chained abilities... these are the special abilities that can actually cast 2 spells in a row if the first spell hits... will now show what's going on in flash. You will know if the sleep component of Devil's Snare hit or missed.

Features rolled out today

  • You can now unlock information on Miscrits you have yet to discover!
  • Battle damage has a small variance % from the number calculated. This should make battle strategy more interesting since you won't know for sure how many hits it takes the opponent to kill you.
  • Poison no longer considers Physical Attack and Physical Defense, you will get the number that the spell reads +/- the variance %
  • Forfeiting causes your current miscrit to be killed.
  • Sleep will now last 3 turns in the wild

Features rolling out later today