By: David C Grossman

Jan 17th - Announcements

Features being worked on

  • All the Mt. Gemma Miscrits will available for preview
  • Changing the way you get XP in the battle arena when you go in with a lower level team.
  • Handling a fight that is forcibly killed due to inactivty by the player.
  • Adding tooltip to feats in the Lore Book that displays the current progress for that particular feat. (Per user request!)

Features rolling out later today

Features already rolled out today

  • More fights servers in a smarter way. Hopefully this will solve latency issues. Let me know if fight servers ever seem to lag please!
  • The ability bombard will no longer crash the fight.
  • The ability Pollen will work, quite powerful against people who like to use control effects.
  • The 3rd gifting option, specific item, works again. You can now send a specific item to your friends. This item rotates daily.