By: David C Grossman

Jan 24th - Announcements

We will begin rolling all this out on Jan 25th. It's a complicated multi-step update and I will let you know after it's complete. Thank you for your patience.

Features currently being worked on

  • Magical Attack animations and the shop!
  • Physical Defense abilities are currently buffing physical defense but the flash shows elemental defense
  • We are currently working on a solution for the black screen of death in the house or backyard.
  • Sleep and confuse will have a 0% hit rate if the target is already asleep or confused. This will prevent the chaining of these abilities.
  • The mystery of the 6 rounds in a row has been solved!!! Sleep will now take precedence over confusion, but confusion will tick down while you are asleep. Hope this makes sense.
  • Abilities that give the negate elemental buff will no longer remove your elemental advantage over the opposite element. Negate elemental advantage on a Water Miscrit will stop Natures bonus elemental, and allow you to attack Nature without suffering a penalty. But you will still get your bonus elemental attack on Fire Miscrits.
  • The Ability Thrive read that it gave +8 to all defense abilities but only gave +5. This has been corrected.