Hey everyone. As Kongregate is different from the Facebook version, I thought I’d make a (alphabetical) list showing all the currently available dark/rare crits on this version. If I have missed anything, feel free to say and I’ll change/add it. Crits denoted by a * mean they are only available in paid areas.

Note:  MF = Miscrian Forest, MG = Mt Gemma, SS = Sunfall Shores, Man = Mansion, JS = Jungle Shores, IT = Ice Tower, EI = Emerald Isle, Moon = Moon, CoM = Cave of Mists


  • Dark Arigato* (IT, top 2 floors) 
  • Dark Breezycheeks (Mansion, outside of the Moon)
  • Dark Bubbles* (IT, also available from collector)
  • Dark Craggy* (IT)
  • Dark Croaky * (IT)
  • Dark Cubsprout* (EI)
  • Dark Echino (CoM Exclusive)
  • Dark Elefauna* (EI, JS)
  • Dark Equestrion* (EI, also available from collector)
  • Dark Flameling (MF, Man)
  • Dark Flowerpillar (MF, EI, also from Collector)
  • Dark Flue (MF, EI)
  • Dark Grubbean (MF, EI, JS, Man)
  • Dark Hotfoot* (JS)
  • Dark Humbug* (JS)
  • Dark Hydroseal (Man, Moon, IT)
  • Dark Kiloray* (EI area 1)
  • Dark Nessy (MF area 3 – confirmed on Sundays by Provokes,)
  • Dark Owlie* (EI)
  • Dark Prawnja (MF, EI. also from Collector)
  • Dark Salamindra* (Moon, IT)
  • Dark Snatcher* (IT)
  • Dark Snortus* (JS area 5, spotted in area 1 as well)
  • Dark Sparkslug (Collectors Only)

Rares (By my definition, or others):

  • Aegis* (IT, top two floors)
  • Barkley* (EI)
  • Beetor* (JS)
  • Blazebit (Man, MF)
  • Bloombat* (JS area 3, EI)
  • Bludger* (EI area 1)
  • Bullo* (JS area 3)
  • Charix* (JS area 3)
  • Crickin* (JS)
  • Darryl* (IT, JS)
  • Dravo* (IT)
  • Duggy* (Outside IT)
  • Eggy (MG, EI (More common in EI)
  • Ekidna* (IT, outer Moon)
  • Felis* (IT)
  • Flintly* (JS area 2) (By provocative demand)
  • Flutterpat (SS, IT, Man)
  • Fossillia (MG, JS)
  • Giggles* (IT, JS – rock near orange tree in area 3)
  • Gurgleplops* (EI, IT)
  • Hoghedge* (EI, JS) 
  • Honeybolt* (JS area 5)
  • Ignios (SS)
  • Kelpa (SS sandcastle)
  • Liquifien* (Moon)
  • Luna (MG, very common inside Moon cave)
  • Monk Munk* (JS)
  • Mooncrit* (Moon) (By provocative command)
  • Mun Kee (MG, EI, JS, IT)
  • Nanaslug (Man, from the Collector)
  • Narlope (Man)
  • Osmeron* (Outside Moon)
  • Pachydo* (JS area 3 & 5)
  • Pamboo* (JS area 2)
  • Pollifog* (IT, outside Moon)
  • Poltergust (MG, JS)
  • Quackers* (EI)
  • Quartex* (IT, also available from Collector)
  • Raldio (Man)
  • Rockodile* (JS area 5, directly right of IT, several locations on the Moon outside)
  • Scintillion* (Outside Moon)
  • Shanghorse* (EI area 1)
  • Slithero (Man, JS)
  • Snorkels (SS, directly across from ship in IT)
  • Thundercracker (Man, JS)
  • Tongutail (Man)
  • Toro (Collectors only)
  • Treemur (MF, EI, Man)
  • Tulipinny (MF, EI, JS)
  • Vexie* (JS area 3)
  • Vhisp (Man)
  • Waddles (MF, IT)

Arena, Shop & Spin Exclusives:

  • Butterus
  • Chickasaw
  • Crabbles
  • Dark Drowsie
  • Gog
  • Hotdog
  • Light Blazebit (Exclusive reward for platinum purchase of 2500 kreds)
  • Rhinotaur
  • Scarecrow Charix
  • Scuzzy

Note: At the beginning of the game, Aerobia was open for a few days. So some people have been able to capture critters there which won’t be available until it’s full release.


  • Hopps (Emerald Isle)

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