By: Corey Nolan

Mar 22nd - Announcements

YO! I'm back. After a bad bout with strep throat, sorry guys. We'll get right down to business!

The things we're working on TODAY are.....

  • GEMMA! no, wait, just kidding, we did that one already... ok...
  • THE REST OF THE WORLD! Yeah, one of the features today is making the rest of the world as awesome as Gemma. The Gemma engine, responsible for your gorgeous mountain graphics, hasn't actually been totally integrated with the rest of the game yet. Soon you can enjoy a fuller, richer terrain everywhere instead of all this ugly black space in the background.
  • Avatar creation! Tired of changing genders constantly just so you can get a new 'look'? (What, I can't be the only one who does that...) We're upgrading our avatars to be more fully customizable. YEAH!

Assorted added notes:

  • GAMEBAR PEOPLE! If you installed the Gamebar on its release date, don't forget to claim your free Frostmite today! =)
  • Just wanted to confirm that there ARE rares in Mount Gemma, but they're now elusive on TWO axes: location and time! So now in addition to where you saw it, you should make a note of when you saw it. It's trickier, but all the more rewarding when you finally find that Thundercracker you've been hunting!
  • EQUESTRION REFUNDS are happening. We're sorry for the severe nerfing we gave my little pony. If you guys want your TP back, just post here: [1]. Again, sorry... this was our mistake. We'll use more careful foresight from now on, hopefully a stat change this dramatic will never have to happen again.

That's it so far. Let's hear it one more time for Gemma!

Gemma Time

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