Miscrian Explorers
The Miscrian Explorers appears randomly near the mouth of Mount Gemma and Miscrian Forest every day of the week.

Miscrits Locations: Mount Gemma

(Rare) Mun Kee: Skyline Peak

(Rare) Eggy: Near the Shack (the stalagmite rock

(Epic) Thundercracker: Western cacti201.95.127.80 01:33, August 14, 2011 (UTC)


(Rare) Poltergust: Bottom of the mudslide

(Rare) Fossillia: Beyond the Shack

(Rare) Luna: Near the Cave of Mists (Not found on Sundays)

(Common) Sapphron, Sledgehog, Microblast: Inside Cave of Mists

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