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Miscrian jungle


Rare Miscrits

Pamboo Quicksand Pit at the Eastern border of the map. When the Jungle Explorer Says he is there.

Rockodile Tree Beyond the Eternal Falls. When the Jungle Explorer Says he is there.

Bloombat Cave on the far eastern part of the Jungle When you see the staircase you're close. When the Jungle Explorer Says he is there.

Dark Viperd On the hidden island, when the Jungle ExplorersSays he is there.

Squawcat On the hidden island in the cave. When the Jungle Explorer says he is there.


Magicite Adept

Level 23

213 Health

Relics: Elder Tree Bark(Elemental Defense +10), Magicite Robe(Elemental Attack +6)

Water Elementum

Level 30

240 Health

Heals Over Time

Removes Nature Weakness

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