Training is a biggest part of miscits! Training makes your miscrits stronger to fight againgst magicitits, elementums and Appolo Nox. Traing makes the miscrits to learn new abilities, make defences & attacks better. Training evolves the miscrits.

Normal training

You can train your miscrits by 2 methods



You train your miscrits by using the method of fightning by other miscrits. All you have to do is just search in a nearby thing, and when you find an enemy just use your moves to get the win in your hands and then you will recive XPs in order of winning the battle and training your miscrits. The harder is the enemy, the more the XPs you will get. A trick to train your miscrits is that open as many tabs in your browser as you can and open miscrits in each of the tabs. Then keep only one miscrit in your team and start training it by the normal way. But be careful as if your miscrit dies in one tab, it dies in all tabs. The same thing happens with training, if you train your miscrit in one tab, it is trainde automatically in other tabs. When you finish fighting a battle in a tab, you will get your XP. When your miscrit finishes battle in the second tab, the XP you gain in ithe other tab is the double of that of the first tab, when you finish the game in third tab, you get thrice the XP and the thing goes on so, by this method, you can train you miscrits many times faster.. The formula is

Tabs opened XP Gained  XP Multiplication Levels can be gained (if your miscrit needs 100 XP)
1 30 1 time nil
2 60 2 times nil
3 90 3 times nil
4 120 4 times 1
7 210 7 times 2
10 300 10 times 3
13 390 13 times almost 4
15 450 15 times 4 and a half
30 900 30 times 9

Training by Platinum

Platinum is the most important resource in this game. You can buy anything using platinum (exept miscrits or some miscrits and travel agency cards and some entry fees in some places). But my opinion is DON'T TRAIN YOUR MISCRITS USING PLATINUM. Use platinum to buy relics for your miscrits to make them stronger. If you wanna use platinum for training, use them before 2-3 levels before the evolution of the miscrits. If you use platnium to train your miscrit on low levels on its evolution section, it may be not so good plan as you are giving platinum for lesser XP. eg Your miscrit is on level 28 or 29 then only use platnim to train of if it is on 7-9 or 17-19. If you use platinum before these levels, it your loss only..

Training of miscrits

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