Type: Earth

Found in: Monk's Mountain

Based on: Abominable snowman, Crystal formation,quartz

'Rarity: 'Common


Evolution 1: Quartex

Description: "Quartex's blue crystal exterior is colder than ice. Being awoken by its freezing cold fingers is a terrifying experience."

Evolution 2: Crystalax

Description: "Crystalax sheds its gems once a season. They are highly valued by collectors for their shine and beauty."

Evolution 3: Prismax

Description: "Prismax is known for being incredibly talented at making beautiful carvings by using its long, sharp fingers."

Evolution 4: Clustor

Description:  "The reflection from Cluster's many gems are mesmerizing during battle, and it uses this to its advantage."


Health - Moderate

Elemental Attack - max

Elemental Defense - Elite

Physical Attack - moderate

Physical Defense - Moderate

Speed - Strong

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Shields Up -- 100% Self Physical & Elemental Defense +5 Physical 1
Rubble 7 100% Enemy Damage Earth 1
Slap 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Shy Smile -- 95% Enemy Physical & Elemental Attack -5 Physical 7
Pebble Punch 10 95% Enemy Damage Earth 10
Fist Pump -- 100% Self Physical Attack +10 Physical 13
Bash 15 90% Enemy Damage Physical 16
Stalagmite 15 90% Enemy Damage Earth 19
Sludge -- 95% Enemy Physical & Elemental Defense -11 Physical 22
Hard Jab 20 90% Enemy Damage Physical 25
Complete Confusion -- 50% Enemy Confuse (3 turns) Psychic 28
Quartz Quake 25 90% Enemy Damage Earth 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Evolution 3 Evolution 4

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