Type: Nature

Found in: Miscrits Shop

Rarity: Exclusive

Based on: ???


Evolution 1: Elite Crickin


"Rare Crickin's flames are cool to the touch, but can elevate in temperate swiftly. The rare form of Crickin is actually a nature Miscrit, the first mutation seen in the wild."

Evolution 2: Elite Mantiscorch


"Rare Manistorch is still getting used to it's natural powers, as all of it's instincts tell it that fire once dominated them."

Evolution 3: Elite Flametenna


"Rare Flametenna is able to blend in with most greenery on windy days, much to the chagrin of evil Magicites wandering by."

Evolution 4: Elite Praze


"Rare Praze is an imposing specimen, with acute ability to calm it's natural flames and quickly re-ignite them on demand."


Health - Elite

Elemental Attack - Max

Elemental Defense -Max

Physical Attack - Max

Physical Defense - Max

Speed - Max


Lv1 - Singe (8 AP, EA)

Lv1 - Strengthen (+6 EA and PA)

Lv4 - Whop (9 AP, PA)

Lv7 - Ward (+6 ED and PD)

Lv10 - Crickin's Lance (12 AP, EA)

Lv13 - Decree (+11 EA)

Lv16 - Rise Above (+11 PA)

Lv19 - Guardians (+11 PD)

Lv22 - Spree (29 AP, PA, 100% accuracy)

Lv25 - Magician's Wink (+15 EA, 100% accuracy)

Lv28 - Raw Growth (+30 HP, Sleep Immunity for 3 turns, 100% accuracy)

Lv30 - Consummation (40 AP, EA, 100% accuracy)

Lv35 - Nature's Salve (Heals +80 if enchanted, 50% acc, can be used only once)

[credit to Miscrimania for learnset]


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
File:Rare crickin.png
File:Rare mantiscorch.png
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
File:Rare flametenna.png
File:Rare praze.png

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