About Stats

Miscrits have have 6 statistics:

  1. Hit Points (HP) is the amount of damage a miscrit can take before it is unable to battle and requires healing. 
  2. Speed determines how fast a Miscrit is, it determines the order in a which Miscrit gets to attack.
  3. Physical Attack (PA) determines the strength of an attack that is not effected by the attacking or the defending Miscrits elemental nature.
  4. Elemental Attack (EA) determines the power of a Miscrits attack with an element such as Fire, Water, or Nature. The strength of such attacks also takes into account the type of the elemental attack and the elemental nature of the defender.
  5. Physical Defense (PD) is used to determine how much damage a Miscrit will take against physical attacks
  6. Elemental Defense (ED) is used to determine how much damage a Miscrit will take agaubst elemental attacks.

When a Miscrit is trained, it will gain points in each of these stats, ranging from 0-4 points per level. After level 35, a Miscrits stats will no longer increase. For the price of 3 platinum (or 1 on the kongregate version) a player can add 1 additional stat point each time a Miscrit is trained, allowing a total of 34 extra stat points by the time the Miscrit is level 35. This bonus stat is applied randomly.

Miscrits stats are determined by using a weighted random (and therefore not truely random) system. For each type of miscrit, each stat can be assigned a definition of:

  1. Weak: Stat increases +0 to +2
  2. Moderate: Stat increases +1 to +3
  3. Strong: Stat increases +1 to +3
  4. Max: Stat increases +2 to +4
  5. Elite: Stat increases +2 to +4 (But increases by +2< more than Max)
  6. Random: Stat increases +0 to +4

Hit points appear to use the same system with some minor differences as hit points generally increase much faster than other stats in the game.

If you want to see a comparative list of all the Miscrits' stats check out the Sizing Up page.

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