Surfer Nelson

Surfer Nelson bars the way into the Ship Graveyard.

Surfer Nelson bars access to the Ship Graveyard in Sufall Shores. His Miscrit are:

  1. Lvl.29 Choy Choy (Echino evolution 3)
  2. Lvl.29 Hydravern (Wavesling Evolution 3)
  3. Lvl.29 Crickaroot (Grubbean Evolution 3)
  4. Lvl.29 Pixiepulse (Sparkspeck Evolution 3).

He is considered the first mini-boss in Sunfall Shores


I used a level 28 team to beat Surfer Nelson. Since both Duocornius and Choy Choy are strong against both Physical and Elemental attack they are a good match for eatch other. Choy Choy likes to use Hyper Power so using Unbreakable helps to offset that. It took a few potions to stay alive. Next up was Pawthorne VS Hydravern. Hydravern uses Overwater right away to negate elemental advantage. Still Wicked Willow finished him off in a few rounds. Tigristrike VS Crickaroot was next. Crickaroot likes to use confusion so be prepared for that. Tigristrike managed to get a sludge attack through while confused. The first one missed. Thunderstorm did moderate damage since it hits 3 times. Rubion finished the battle with Crickaroot with a destruction attack. That left Pixiepulse VS Rubion. Rubion Used Destruction twice and that was all it took. My team was composed of Duocornius (Equestrion Evolution 3), Pawthorne (Cubsprout Evolution 3), Tigristrike (Statikat Evolution 3), and Rubion (Sapphron evolution 3). I used a maximum of 3 epic heals.

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