The Shack in Mt. Gemma

 The Shack is now open for adventurers to look for new miscrits

If you want to access the Lower Basement you will need to buy it.


Lower Basement

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  • how to go in the shack in Mount Gemma

    4 messages
    • Knight40 wrote:look at the map before you look on the map go first to mount gemma there you look now the map I know it
    • first beat up an commander then you can go in shack u can t go inside if you don t beated up  this magicite.
  • how to go in shack?

    2 messages
    • shack?
    • The Shack is in SK if you have the teleport trait you can tele there by clcking the W icon on the top right corner of your screeen. Or If ...

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