Type: Lightning
Found in: Monk's Mountain
Based on: 
Rarity: Rare


Evolution 1: Toro

Description: "Toro is very quiet and prefers to keep to itself. It only approaches adventurers when it's in the right sort of mood."

Evolution 2: Buffalight

Description: "Buffalight can crack its tail like a whip so loudly that it can be heard all the way over in the Miscrian Jungle."

Evolution 3: Wisent

Description: "Wisent's attacks vary wildly depending on what sort of mood it's in. Sometimes it's simply too lazy to really go all out."

Evolution 4: Bisonite

Description:  "Bisonite uses the small gem it holds as a sort of lightning rod so that its internal voltage doesn't raise too high."


Health - Moderate

Elemental Attack - Moderate

Elemental Defense - Random

Physical Attack - Random

Physical Defense - Random

Speed - Moderate

Known Skills

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Debaser -- 100% Enemy Defense -5% Physical 1
Spark 7 100% Enemy Damage Lightning 1
Poke 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Conjure -- 100% Self Elemental Attack +7% Physical 7
Voltail 10 95% Enemy Damage Lightning 10
Confuse -- 50% Enemy Confuse (2 Round) Psychic 13
Bash 15 90% Enemy Damage Physical 16
Electrify 15 90% Enemy Damage Lightning 19
Unbreakable -- 100% Self Defense +11% Physical 22
Hyper Power -- 100% Self Attack +11% Physical 25
Lightning Bolt 25 90% Enemy Damage Lightning 28
Shatter 25 90% Enemy Damage Physical 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
Toro back
Buffalight back
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
Wisent back
Bisonite back.png.opt361x310o0,0s361x310

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