The Volcano Island Miscrit collector only take level 1 miscrits. Don't train them or name them otherwise he won't accept them. Also, you can only do 3 quests per day.


  1. "Every starting adventurer needs to have a solid team. Bring me Slithero, Viperd and Blowpuffle.One of each, please!" You'll get: 150 gold
  2. Collect 2 Spinnerettes. You'll get: 100 gold
  3. Collect 3 Slitheros. You'll get: 150 gold
  4. "It may not be the prettiest Miscrit, but I could use Gippo's power. Bring me 3." You'll get: 150 gold
  5. "Many great Nature Miscrits are lurking in the jungle. Today I want 2 Hoghedges and 2 Shroomers." You'll get: 200 gold
  6. "I'm looking for a creepy crawly pair that will be great in battle. Crickin and Shroomer should do the trick." You'll get: 100 gold
  7. "Fire and water don't always mix, but this pair will be great. Bring me a Beetor and a Bubbles." You'll get: 150 gold
  8. "The local bird-watching society is wanting to inspect some specimens up close. I think 2 Viperds and 2 Humbugs should do the trick." You'll get: 200 gold
  9. "I need miscrits that will be good with kids. Magpole is small and friendly enough to do the job, so I'll take two." You'll get: 100 gold
  10. "Alright, you're starting to impress me with your Miscrit-catching skills, so how about a real challenge? Bring me one Squawcat as fast as you can." You'll get: 500 gold
  11. Two Gippo and One Magpole for 150 gold.
  12. Three Lavarillas for 150 gold.
  13. One Gurgleplops and One Pachydo for 100 gold.
  14. Three Hoghedges for 150 gold
  15. Two Shroomers for 100 gold.
  16. Five Blowpuffles for 250 gold.
  17. One Slithero, One Cricken, One Magpole and One Lavarilla for 200 gold.
  18. Two Hoghedges for 100 gold.
  19. Three Shroomers for 150 gold.
  20. One Rockodile for TWO Rockodiles
  21. Slithero, Shroomer , Gippo and Pachydo for 5 Magical heals
  22. One Oxo and Chinook for 100 gold
  23. Two Quartex for 100 gold
  24. Three Boltipedes for 150 gold
  25. One Oxo, Chinook , Quartex and Boltipede for 200 gold
  26. Dravo and Joltzer for 100 gold
  27. One Tongutail and one Dillorock for 100 gold
  28. One Oxo, Chinook and Dravo for 150 gold.
  29. One Giggles for 500 gold.
  30. Three Vexie for 150 gold.
  31. Two Electryos and two Narlope for 200 gold.
  32. Four Hawkai for 200 gold.
  33. Two Beetor and Two Electryo for 200 gold.
  34. One Bludger, Dillorock, Tongutail and Quartex for 200 gold.
  35. Two Monk Munks, Two Zaptor and Two Nero for 300 gold.
  36. One Firebrand and Scintillion for 100 gold.
  37. Two Barkley and Two Nibbles for 200 gold.
  38. One Lavarilla, Joltzer, Vexie, Barkley and Bubblegup for 250 gold.
  39. Two Bullo and two Shoctopus for 200 gold.
  40. Six Drowsie for 300 gold.
  41. One Felis, Shanghorse, Bloverine and Clawva for 200 gold.
  42. One Nibble, Bubblegup, Shanghorse and Exo for 200 gold.
  43. Two Hopps and Three Tectonyx for 250 gold.
  44. Two Exo and Three Salamindra for 250 gold.
  45. One Liquifien for Two Liquifien.

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