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The Volcano Island Miscrit collector only take level 1 miscrits. Don't train them or name them otherwise he won't accept them. Also, you can only do 3 quests per day.


  1. "Every starting adventurer needs to have a solid team. Bring me Slithero, Viperd and Blowpuffle.One of each, please!" You'll get: 150 gold
  2. Collect 2 Spinnerettes. You'll get: 100 gold
  3. Collect 3 Slitheros. You'll get: 150 gold
  4. "It may not be the prettiest Miscrit, but I could use Gippo's power. Bring me 3." You'll get: 150 gold
  5. "Many great Nature Miscrits are lurking in the jungle. Today I want 2 Hoghedges and 2 Shroomers." You'll get: 200 gold
  6. "I'm looking for a creepy crawly pair that will be great in battle. Crickin and Shroomer should do the trick." You'll get: 100 gold
  7. "Fire and water don't always mix, but this pair will be great. Bring me a Beetor and a Bubbles." You'll get: 150 gold
  8. "The local bird-watching society is wanting to inspect some specimens up close. I think 2 Viperds and 2 Humbugs should do the trick." You'll get: 200 gold
  9. "I need miscrits that will be good with kids. Magpole is small and friendly enough to do the job, so I'll take two." You'll get: 100 gold
  10. "Alright, you're starting to impress me with your Miscrit-catching skills, so how about a real challenge? Bring me one Squawcat as fast as you can." You'll get: 500 gold

These are the only quests known so far. If there are mistakes or you know more pls update it.

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